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Season starts Spring/March 2015

American 7's Gameplay

The A7FL Game

Welcome to the American 7's Football League.  Our 7 on 7, full contact league plays without helmets and shoulder pads taking you back to where it all started.  Spring 2015, the journey begins.

American 7's keeps is fast paced!  The play will not be blown dead unless it has to for the safety of an offensive player or if someone has left early giving the offense an unfair advantage.

This prevents delays in the game.  In traditional football, a play would be blown dead, an explanation would be given to the crowd, yards get marched off, and the offense has to huddle again.  In the A7FL this delay is eliminated keeping the fans locked into the game.  Learn more about our game as we near closer to our opening season Spring 2015.

Quick Striking, High Powered

Offensive Flexibility

5 players are eligible to touch the ball on offense while the other 2 are required to line up in the center of the formation as linemen.  You will see traditional style sets like pistol, wishbone, I-Formation, and spread but you will also see other variations and creative sets.  Offenses in this league are lethal and can strike at any moment.  By removing the pads we unleash an athletes true abilities enabling them to perform amazing catches, runs, and throws.  Below are just a few examples but more formations are possible.  Learn more about our game as we near closer to our opening season Spring 2015.


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